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"My wish is for everyone to touch into the infinite well of peace and potential within"
- Alexis Pierce


A world at peace.
We get there by owning our inherent worth and showing up fully in service to our shared community. 


To help you cultivate inner peace and freedom, so you feel safe and empowered to be your true self and show up fully for Life.


Dark Fuel Alchemy‚ĄĘ¬†
Discover your deepest peace, purpose, and liberation in the life you're living now.


I call myself the Inner Peace Activist, because I help you feel content, fulfilled, and happy being you.

That's not where we stop though...

That's where our activism begins.

Because being fully you is a revolution.

Being full you means being fully in service to humanity.

Being fully you is a liberation of your soul AND all beings.

It's an honor to walk this path to inner freedom and global peace with you!


In 2009, I found myself at the peak of my dreams...

  • Amazing¬†job working on international peace building¬†
  • Close friend group of brilliant, dedicated change-makers
  • House of my own in a city I loved
  • Romances with dashing and successful men

On good days, I felt like I was living out a combo of Sex In The City and The West Wing.

I was in love with the idea of my life and the role of beautiful, young, world-changer I was playing.

More than that, I was building towards a massive purpose I'd felt since I was a teenager -- to help create world peace.


Then [record scratch]

I achieved all my goals...

  • I established a new office to send experts into crises within hours to help stabilize and strengthen peace
  • I helped create new¬†planning systems, so¬†the entire U.S. Government could work together in complex¬†crises
  • I advised the military on restructuring to uplift civilian peace efforts over military outcomes.

I was barely 30.

It didn't make sense to me.

How could I have achieved my purpose when I still had the rest of my life in front of me?

And why didn't achieving my wildest dreams actually feel fulfilling?


So I did what most of us do, I changed jobs. 

I tried to find a new project or new role that would make me feel complete and like "this is the thing that's truly my purpose".

But nothing worked.

Not even quitting my career, moving to New Zealand, and starting a new life as yoga teacher and life coach.

[Spoiler alert: this isn't one of those "And now I help people find their passion and that's my purpose!" stories]

That's because what you do isn't your purpose.


I know.

It's hard to get our capitalist heads around.

We've been trained from a young age that if we climb up the ladder of life -- amassing money, acclaim, houses, cars, getting married, having kids, making a name for ourselves -- that happiness and fulfillment are a given.

They're not.

That's why no matter how many new boards you join, new businesses you invest in, new ventures you start, you're always right back where you started -- thinking that there's got to be something more than this.

Feeling like maybe the next endeavor is the One that is your true purpose.


Purpose, meaning, and joy are what you create on the inside. 

Success, relationships, and impact are what you cultivate on the outside.


I had to upend my entire life to discover that the feelings of fulfillment, inner peace, and contribution we want don't come through action.

They come from embodying a soul-aligned Beingness.

And that Beingness leads to your legacy-level imprint in the world.


Now I help you shortcut the process and be authentic to your soul without losing everything you've worked so hard for.

The end result?

Deeper fulfillment, true inner freedom and joy, and the inspired passion that creates soul-level impact in the world.

Let's do this. 

Dark Fuel Alchemy‚ĄĘ
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"Everything has changed since I found out. EVERYTHING. I feel like how in the world did I ever live before?! Now that I know my purpose I am so fulfilled...and I'm so happy that I'm embracing my purpose."

Kristin, USA

"It is so huge...so expansive and so empowering. I am so much closer that I ever thought to a launch pad of my true life’s purpose...WOW!!!!"

Loretta, USA