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"Stop looking for your purpose. BE it!"
- Wayne Dyer

Dark Fuel Alchemy‚ĄĘ

How does it work?

This is the truth of your being and the purpose of life.

Your soul is calling all the shots.

Your role is to alchemize every experience into gold for your inner and outer growth.

As you become, you contribute your authentic gifts.

This is how we walk ourselves and each other home.


There are 5 transformative steps to alchemic Mastery:

Step 1 - Soul Truth Reclamation

This is the most powerful and fundamental step, because your entire life is based on the truths you remember here.

Using my proprietary visioning process, you'll connect directly with your soul to realize:

  • What your soul is creating through you in this life
  • Your soul's core values and how they manifest in your beliefs, career, and even hobbies
  • What makes you unique - your energy, gifts, skills, experiences, etc
  • The unconscious factors that drive all your decisions
  • Why¬†your personality is how¬†it is + why that is perfect for who you're meant to become¬†

You'll meet the truth of who you are, bask in the pure bliss of your own soul, and finally have language for everything that makes you YOU.

The gift of this step is twofold:

1) Finally experiencing PURE YOU. The whole, perfect, radiant light you are, untouched by trauma or pain.

2) Putting words to everything you've always known but never honored as your deepest truth. 

AKA you can finally articulate what really matters to you & why.

This step alone can change your life by giving you the clarity, confidence, and direction to show up for your soul's vision.

Step 2 - Soul Spectrum Mapping

Decode your unique purpose and discover where you are on your evolutionary map right now.

Imagine your purpose is like the globe.

The "north pole" is the joy end of your purpose -- it feels good and is what you think of when you imagine living your purpose.  When you're embodying this pure essence, you're living into the full potential of your soul.

The "south pole" is the growth end of your purpose. It often feels like pain, fear, suffering, and confusion. Your soul uses these emotions to propel you into growth.

Soul Spectrum Mapping will help you understand the wholeness of your purpose, how it's been playing out in your life, and what you can do to start turning growth moments into radiant joy, so you feel at peace and on purpose.


Step 3 - Embracing Alchemy

Once you understand the joy and growth "poles" of your purpose, you have the power to turn any experience into soul-awakening magic.

THIS is how life really works + why it's always unfolding *for* you:

Every experience, every emotion, every thought is an invitation for you to claim more truth and power in alignment with your unique purpose.

When you master this step, you master your life and can alchemize any experience into inner gold that ushers you deeper into a sense of peace, purpose, and aliveness.

This is your power.

Step 4 - Soul Joy  Calibration

Discover what joy actually looks and feels like for your soul + start calibrating to all new levels of bliss in your body.

Your soul IS joy.

This step helps you start living that joy more intentionally every day, so that you can become a bigger and better conduit for your soul's purpose.

Using the Soul Joy Set-Point Meditation, you'll discern the core emotions that add up to a truly happy and fulfilled life for you.

  • No more guesswork about what makes you happy.
  • No more chasing¬†project after project¬†hoping¬†you'll find¬†lasting fulfillment.
  • No more losing yourself in relationships trying to find that special feeling.

You'll know exactly what joy means for your soul + how to create it for yourself, so that you hold the keys to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Plus you'll move closer towards embodying the Bliss of Being You -- a state of being where every moment and breathe invites you into greater truth and presence.

This is how your soul comes to life through you.

Step 5 - Embodying Bliss

In the final step, you'll actualize your new truth where your life plays out -- in your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

You'll expand your capacity to hold all new levels of joy and recalibrate your identity, beliefs, and relationships to be greater conduits for your authentic expression.

What you embody here will help you:

  • Choose¬†activities¬†that¬†actually¬†give you energy rather than deplete you.
  • Create a business structure that matches you +¬†feeds your soul.
  • Know exactly how to engage with¬†charities and foundations¬†to make the biggest impact with your time and influence.
  • Create a daily routine that¬†awakens your soul -- instead of just keeping you going.

Because once you know how to create your own happiness, you can do it day-after-day to infuse your life with meaning and purpose. 


You came here to be free and to be YOU.

This is how.


Dark Fuel Alchemy‚ĄĘ
Start Here

"Alexis is an absolute master at soul level work that will create a blueprint for EVERYTHING else in your life."

Agnes, Canada

"Alexis is a freaking strategy powerhouse. She will create clarity and alignment in ways that will move you forward that you didn't even realize existed."

Andra, USA