Dark Fuel Alchemy™
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"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."
- Rumi

Dark Fuel Alchemy™

There are 3 ways to begin your journey in alchemic Mastery:


Dark Fuel Alchemy™

DIY course

Instant Access

  • Instant access to the full soul awakening process
  • Experience the exact process Alexis uses with private clients
  • 7 Actionable Modules with Videos, Meditations, & Worksheets to gain clarity on your soul's purpose + how to live it daily
  • Step-by-step guidance to create your own Strategy
  • Lifetime access to continually strengthen & align with your soul
  • {Bonus} Claim Your Personal Power course so you have the tools and support to become the person who lives your purpose (Value $297)

Dark Fuel Alchemy™

Private sessions

1:1 Support

  • Live private calls with Alexis
  • Personal guidance through each of the 5-steps 
  • Written soul plan with clear next steps for inner and outer growth
  • Tailored support to help you access the clarity, peace, and fulfillment your soul is calling you into 
  • 6-week to 6-month support options
  • Opportunity to add on a private retreat to awaken new possibilities of peace, joy, and passion in the nervous system 

Dark Fuel Alchemy™

Private Healing Retreat

Deep Transformation

  • Luxury retreat in a private location
  • Hands-on guided healing sessions with Alexis using a powerful combination of breathwork and gentle movement to release stored emotions and trauma in the body so you feel finally free to be you
  • Guided journeys into your soul's vision and purpose + how you can create the most joy and fulfillment 
  • Written soul plan with clear next steps so you maintain the momentum and opening from your Retreat

Which option is right for you?

Each pathway through the process offers unique benefits. 

The diagram below aims to help you gain clarity on your priorities and how each option may support you:  

All three options will help you:

  • Connect with your soul in ways you've never accessed before
  • See your life clearly -- how it all fits, what it's all for, where it's going, & how you can live all-in with the greatest passion, joy, and vitality
  • Understand the soul-level legacy of your BEING
  • Know exactly what opportunities, jobs, & partnerships to say 'yes' or 'no' to to feel fulfilled, and like you're stretching to your fullest + living into your creative potential
  • Shift into greater joy & vibrancy 
  • Go beyond your values and personal story to understand what you represent just by being you + how to leverage your true essence to make a more meaningful impact in the world
  • Identify your next steps -- whether it's a new venture, time off, or a charity engagement

Which one do I recommend?


The DIY course is best if you are:

  • New to spiritual or inner work
  • Asking yourself questions like "What's my purpose?", "Why am I unhappy even though I love my job?", or "What am I supposed to be doing with my life?"
  • Looking for clarity around what job or business will help you feel more fulfilled

Private sessions are best if you are:

  • A high-performer who is living your dreams (career & financial success, family, house, cars, etc), and still feeling the calling for more.
  • Asking questions like "What's the next step?", "Is this all there is to life?", or "What will it actually take to feel fulfilled, at peace, and happy?"
  • Into self-development but nothing is giving you the lasting shift into happiness & inner peace you're wanting

A Private Healing Retreat is best if you are:

  • A celebrity, CEO, or high-performer who wants to dive deep and integrate quickly
  • Asking questions like "How can I have everything and still feel dissatisfied?", "How can I be true to me without losing everything I've worked for?", or "What's my bigger purpose beyond the persona I play?"
  • Dealing with old patterns of pain, tension, or trauma in your body that are stopping you from fully living


Dark Fuel Alchemy™
Your option comparision


"Be prepared to see your world in an entirely new light."

Sherry, USA

"This has been the biggest gift to myself of my life. You have been the biggest gift that I've given myself... It has been the wisest, most beneficial investment I've ever made." 

Johanna, USA