Dark Fuel Alchemy™
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"The fastest pathway of liberation"
- Alexis Pierce

Dark Fuel Alchemy™


What is it?

Dark fuel is created when you transform your shadows into power.

It shows up as challenges, fears, and hurdles -- until you harness it and it propels you into greater levels of truth and purpose.

We all have it.

We just mistake it for dead ends, heartbreak, and "lessons".

Life is never trying to drag you down or make you suffer. It is inviting you to claim your power by expanding through the hardship.

This is how you actualize your potential. 

How you step into the infinite BIGNESS of your soul.

Dark fuel is your path to living your purpose and becoming fully you.


This is NOT the shadow work you know.

Shadow work has been distorted by Western misconceptions of ancient teachings -- filtering concepts like transcendence through good / bad judgements.

No parts of you are bad.
There is nothing to transcend.
Nothing is 'wrong' with your or your life.

You are whole and complete right now.

AND you can use challenging experiences and emotions to embody MORE of your purpose with power and intentionality.

  • This is how you grow without needing life to be perfect.
  • This is how you find peace without needing the world to be at peace first.
  • This is how you become fully you regardless of your circumstances, background, class, race, gender, education, or job.


Purpose is you; not what you do

Your soul evolution is an inner expansion, not an outer expression.

It’s about BECOMING the fullness of you, not necessarily how you then express that fullness in your life.

I can live my purpose washing the dishes as easily as I can working as a high-level strategist in the government or soul purpose mentor. Because living my purpose is about who I am and how I feel in me.

From that place, I can express it in everything I do.

This is how we break up for good with the limiting context of work and productivity that capitalism has super-imposed on our souls.


Choice + awareness transform shadow into Dark Fuel

The awakening you’re seeking is a way of being related to how you’re feeling, not doing.

You may want to read that again.

It’s a deep attunement to where you are in the emotional spectrum that is your purpose and choosing to claim your power to move yourself towards the light of your joyful essence.

It’s paying close attention to how the shadow side of your essence is showing up in your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions — even when you don’t realize it.

These are the moments when your shadow becomes fuel for your greatest expansion.


It's all FOR YOU

Purpose is an inner game. YOUR inner game.

And living your purpose is about fully embracing this game within yourself and working every aspect of your life to propel you into the embodied power of your truth.

This includes your beliefs, fears, thoughts, worries, emotions, stressors, assumptions, nervous system responses, gut reactions, personality quirks, ways of talking with people, trauma responses and coping mechanisms (TRCP). Even your traditions, inherited bias, and humor are treasures for you to mine!

These are the fuel in your path to greater awareness, fulfillment, embodied power, and purpose.

It’s ALL for you.


Life is always leading to liberation for you and all

When you finally get who you truly are + how your soul has been guiding you, then you can start working WITH your soul be become fully you.

We're talking the inner freedom to...

  • Launch soul-legacy projects you never imagined possible -- that bring together all your gifts in perfect service
  • Finally drop that shoulder tension and feel light, because you healed family and generational patterns for good
  • Laugh more because you no longer waste your energy wondering what you're missing -- and instead feel deeply fulfilled and in love with who you are
  • Let go of obsessing about what you should do and how to get there -- and allow life to flow with faith 

Most importantly -- you discover the freedom to be authentically YOU.

Alchemizing your dark fuel sets you free to live your soul’s highest intention and design, while experiencing the most joy, peace and purpose.  

Dark Fuel Alchemy™
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"I walked away feeling such clarity, as if my mind had been cleared of previous thought patterns and reset with my true mission, with strength and ease."

Tami, USA

"[Alexis] used the vision I expressed to her to craft the most detailed strategy plan that not only showed me how to align every aspect of my life with my soul path but has given me the deepest inner peace I've ever experienced."

Britney, USA